Benefits of Mediation

In almost all cases, it makes sense to mediate rather than litigate. We strive to provide our clients with solutions that are workable and sustainable for the long term, saving them time and money and helping them avoid stress.

Mediation allows individuals and corporations to place their trust in an independent, impartial and highly skilled mediator who can identify and formulate solutions that meet the needs of all parties and facilitate stronger relationships. This is preferable to leaving the fate of your dispute in the hands of a judge who may not be familiar with the needs of you or your business.


·         Is confidential.

·         Is unbiased.

·         Is voluntary.

·         Will cost you much less than going to court.

·         Gives you the opportunity to repair a personal or business relationship.

·         Gives you an opportunity to say whatever you need to say, and still create a solution.

·         Gives you total control of the situation.

·         Does not require you to disclose everything.

·         Encourages both parties to settle the dispute effectively and as quickly as possible.

·         Is people focused.

·         Is much less stressful than going to court.

·         Does not involve cross examination.

·         Will normally take up considerably less time than preparing for and going to court.

·         Is conducted in a relatively relaxed atmosphere without the formality and bureaucracy of court procedures.

·         The outcome can often include an apology, an explanation, or something else that a court could not order.

·         Will result in a "Mediation Agreement" being drawn up once settlement is reached.

·         Results in an agreement that can be enforced in court if one or other party does not comply with it.